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SGI St George International Language Centre
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St George International Language Centre provides its students the best of both worlds. Providing stu

American Cultural Association NEW DELHI branch
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The American Cultural Association is a language school located in NEW DELHI. It is one of the world’

Globibo India
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Globibo India offers world class language training services in over 30 different languages across it

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Hindi is one language that connects the whole of India together. Widely used in the northern parts o

Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi
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The Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi is a non-profit organization founded by the Government of Spain i

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NIHONGO CENTER is an organization that provides professional Japanese Language related Services. The

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Knowledge-must is an organization that began on its journey to help students migrating to other coun

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Zabaan is a language-training institute that provides language training for Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, Ara

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Dailatutor provides the best tuition facility offering an array of programs for students to help the

VISIONet Digital Language Lab
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VISIONet Digital Language Lab, through its years of research, has been able to break the barrier of

ILSC India 2
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ILSC-India is a delightful place where people aspiring to improve or learn English and French go to.

Starlim India
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Good communication skills are a key thing today for any individual. Starlim India provides courses t

Inlingua New Delhi
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Inlingua is a language-training institute that provides students education to improve their communic

Alliance Française
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Alliance Francaise de Delhi is one of the leading Indo-French culture centers of the country, regist

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Englishpro is a unique specialized English course that is available for different professionals. Eng

Goethe-Institut New Delhi
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The Goethe-Institute is an institute that lays an emphasis on not just spreading education, but also

School of Foreign Languages
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The School of Foreign Languages is a premier Inter-Services institute of India. It functions under t

Hindi Language Immersion
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Delhi, the capital of India is one of the largest cities of the world. The third largest city of Ind

Instituto Hispania New Delhi
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Institute of Hispania was created in 1997. A language-training institute with centers in Indian and

St George International Language Centre
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St George International Language Centre provides its students the best of both worlds. Operating und

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Advanced Hindi
Study the advanced-features of the Hindi language as you move towards fluency. More

Intermediate English
Take your English speaking, reading, and writing skills to the next level. More

Advanced English
Master the more nuanced and complex features of the English language. More

Academic Writing in English
Improve your English writing skills, especially in preparation for future academic purposes. More

OPIc Tes
OPIc Test Preparation
This course is designed to address the needs of OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer) test takers. More

IELTS Preparation
Learn the strategies you need to be successful on the IELTS exam. More

Basic to advanced-level Pashto. More

Learn or improve your German. More

Learn or improve your French. More

A comprehensive introduction to modern Persian. More

Urdu Scr
Urdu Script
Learn how to read and write Urdu script within just 4 class sessions. More

Urdu Rea
Urdu Reading and Writing
Enhance your Urdu reading and writing skills. More

Basic Ur
Basic Urdu
A complete course on the fundamentals of the Urdu language. More

Intermediate Urdu
Take your Urdu skills to the next level by thoroughly practicing all skill areas. More

Advanced Urdu
Study the advanced-features of the Urdu language as you move towards fluency. More

Elements of Arabic in Urdu
Study the Arabic devices Urdu uses to further develop your Urdu proficiency. More

Customized German
Customized Language Course for German from DialaTutor More

Customized Spanish
Customized Language Course for Spanish from DialaTutor More

Customized Russian
Customized Language Course for Russian from DialaTutor More

Customized Italian
Customized Language Course for Italian from DialaTutor More