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Globibo India
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Globibo India offers world class language training services in over 30 different languages across...More

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Knowledge-must is an organization that began on its journey to help students migrating to other c...More

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Dailatutor provides the best tuition facility offering an array of programs for students to help ...More

ILSC India 2
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ILSC-India is a delightful place where people aspiring to improve or learn English and French go ...More

Ajanta School of Foreign Languages
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Ajanta School of Foreign Languages, Amritsar is an international institute and has shown its dedi...More

Inlingua New Delhi
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Inlingua is a language-training institute that provides students education to improve their commu...More

School of Foreign Languages
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The School of Foreign Languages is a premier Inter-Services institute of India. It functions unde...More

Foreign Languages Institute
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FLI was started in 2006. Per year we train around 250 students of all ages. Participants come fro...More

Institute of Indian and Foreign Languages
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We are providing Best Language CoursesInstitute Of Indian & Foreign Languages was established in ...More

Swagaraya language process
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SwaGarYa Language Process Private Limited is a registered organization, engaged with training, t...More

zhong Wen Xue Xiao
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The school of Chinese language.More

Alpa Science Academy Pvt. Ltd.
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Chinese Language InstituteMore

CdA (Cucchiaio dArgento) Centre for Language & Culture
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In a world that is increasingly interdependent, we can no longer afford to remain monolingual or ...More

Epitome Language Services
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Arabic Language classes Chinese Language classes Danish Language classes Dutch Languag...More

Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages
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COSMOLINGUA is one of the leading Foreign Language Institute, known for its visionary planning an...More

Gbits Institute
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Language Training Institute.More

Academy of British English
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The training programs at Academy of British English have been designed with much care by way of m...More

Genius Academy
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To acquire the knowledge of an additional language is an asset that a person can utilize for care...More

The Chinese Language Institute
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Language Training Center.More

Specials Chinese

Globibo India
Learn Mandarin with chinese cuisine
Globibo India  

15 students upcoming course of Mandarin (6 weeks: 50 hrs): Dining event offered at the end of the session More

New Courses

Ajanta School of Foreign Languages
Chinese per month each level

Ajanta School of Foreign Languages


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ILSC India 2
Program Levels After 60-hours of study, students are given a progress check, which includes: an oral assessment (60%) grammar, reading, listening ... More

Epitome Language Services

Epitome Language Services


Swagaraya language process
Foreign Languages Course

Swagaraya language process

Now a days, learning Foreign languages become very common among young people.  This is due to the demand from the industry which deals with gl... More

Foreign Languages Institute

Foreign Languages Institute

Enjoy face to face interaction with the instructors, and learn languages in a fun and interactive way by watching videos, listening to audios, role... More

School of Foreign Languages
Chinese Short Term Courses

School of Foreign Languages

Chinese Short term courses are conducted by the SFL as per the specific requirements of the three Service Headquarters. More

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Globibo India
Mandarin A1

Globibo India

Basic Mandarin Chinese A1 course More

Customized Language Course for Chinese from DialaTutor More

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