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English Edge Intermediate will help you take significant strides so that you can quickly join the realm of people who speak polished English. The program is designed for learners who have beginner-level competency in the language, and want to achieve an intermediate proficiency level. The sessions are designed so that the course follows a parallel structure, in which concepts are first introduced in the ILT session, and then reinforced with practice and an innovative approach to learning in the CBT session.

The English Edge Intermediate course has been carefully crafted to strike a balance between how we speak and what we say. Developing better communication skills is the overall objective of the program. With this aim in mind, the course is structured around five aspects of language learning:

Pronunciation: The focus here is on production of consonant and vowel sounds, syllables, syllable stress, intonation, modulation, and fluency. The objective is to learn to speak in a globally-accepted neutral accent, and minimize regional influences and speech patterns.

Grammar: In this section, learners are encouraged to interact and speak in grammatically correct sentences and reduce regional influences in their speech. The topics covered in this section include articles, adjectives, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, verbs and tenses, voice and reported speech.

Speech Enhancement: The focus is on intonation and voice modulation with the objective of learning to speak in a globally accepted neutral accent with a minimum of regional influences in speech patterns. Fluency is practiced through ‘building fluency' games and exercises, role plays, and regular discussions moderated by the instructor.

Vocabulary: From vocabulary building tips to introduction to phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions and proverbs, the focus is on building an active and adequate vocabulary.

Listening and Comprehension: Through interactive exercises, the focus is on enhancing active listening and comprehension skills.

To help you achieve this, the program offers:

  • 36 one-hour sessions with 26 hours of instructor-led training
  • 18½ hours of computer-based training where you can learn at your own pace

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