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Basic English Learners Basic English Learners have a poor comprehension of spoken and written English. They are unable to construct sentences and converse in English. They make plenty of errors in spellings. We begin by teaching them how to construct simple short sentences, learn simple words daily and encourage them to read short stories and other light material. They are thoroughly drilled in grammar so as to teach them English sentence structures. Within a period of two to four weeks they are able to come up to the level of an Intermediate level. Intermediate English Learners Intermediate English Learners can comprehend spoken and written English well. They also have a certain level of fluency in spoken language too. However there may be individual differences in their knowledge of English and fluency. They are quick learners if their classroom learning sessions are supplemented with extra reading at home. Teaching of grammar helps then to understand English language structures and reduce errors in sentences. Regular revision of grammar throughout the course helps to strengthen their knowledge of English. Advanced English Learners Advanced Learners are those who can speak quite well and make very minor mistakes in grammar and usage. They may not have a complete knowledge of English language structures. They tend to become conscious in social situations while conversing in English. Some may even think that their English speaking skills as an impediment to their career progression. Such learners are desirous to learn to speak English accurately. A quick revision of grammar rules and knowledge of functional and remedial grammar is an apt solution to their limitations. With some training and self-help in the form of extensive reading and plenty of speaking practice with friends and colleagues, they can easily overcome their individual shortcomings. Such individuals may have limited English vocabulary and tend to repeat words. Reading English on a daily basis can improve their active and dormant vocabulary. ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSE CONTENT: Oral and written drill of Grammar Functional and Remedial Grammar Conversation Practice Daily Vocabulary Reading skills Writing skills Extra sessions for very weak students after the class METHODS OF TRAINING We adopt interactive and innovative methods of training. Plenty of practice in conversation is given to students in the form of roles plays, one to one interaction with teachers and group discussions to increase confidence and fluency. Extra sessions are there for weak students after class, so as to enable them to learn the language quickly. TRAINING SESSIONS Classroom sessions are held 2 hours daily, 6 days in a week. The course duration is of 3 months. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT A Personality Development course covering a wide range of topics is offered to students of Spoken English. The following is an indicative list of topics. Grooming and Etiquettes Positive thinking Motivation Listening skills Conversation skills Stress management Self-esteem Self-confidence

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Fillip Lingua is a reputed institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is well known for its quality of teaching, materials, practice and the individual care of every student. Fillip Lingua Institute was set up in the year 1996 by Renuka Singh. She has been in the field of education for 25 years. She is a qualified and an experienced English Language Trainer. She is also a British Council Trained IELTS Trainer.  More

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