Use Repetition and Patterns to Learn English

Use Repetition and Patterns to Learn English

English is the “world language” and definitely the most often taught worldwide. Many people wish to learn or improve their English. There are some simple techniques that can make English learning easier and fun. Here are some creative techniques to grasp English grammar step by step:

Learning from Context

Contextual learning has a big impact. It is simply about linking words with contextual meanings: relating what a word is trying to say in a specific situation and grasping it fully so that it remains printed.The below given example will clear this technique even more.

The Hindi word “ghar” means “house” in English. If you tell someone pointing to your house “This is our ghar” several times, the person will eventually understand what a “ghar” is without any further explanation. This is because the brain starts functioning automatically into connecting words and objects.

This technique does not only work for the English language but of course for all languages.

This contextual learning is more and more used through movie or Tv shows. English learning sessions dissect words,sentences, rules as characters use it in a fictional situation.

Shadowing technique

The basis of the method is mimicry through audio. While listening, attempt to immediately repeat what you just heard. Walking swiftly at the same time helps the brain oxygenation and eases to memorize words and accent.

Understand Grammar Patterns

Grammar is not very easy to understand due to its web of rules that many people find very difficult to understand. To make this thing simple one should firstly do away with the rules and concentrate on the pattern.

Grammar is basically more about how words change and flow together. Instead of trying to memorize words, one should understand the pattern of how things work.

Forexample: A simple present tense rule of adding an“s” or an “es” with the verb when the subject is a singular can be very difficult to memorize. This is not actually the case of “English is difficult” but simply the case of learning it incorrectly.

Instead of trying to memorize the rules or requirements, one should let the brain memorize the pattern. For example:

I eat.

You Eat.

She Eats.


I go.

You go.

She goes.


We Drink.

You Drink.

Mother _____.


The third time the brain will automatically perform the task and give the answer “Mother Drinks”.


Use Constructions

One can use fill in the blanks to understand the language. It is a very easy way to learn English.

For example:

Do you wish to eat ____?

Several words can be filled in the blank including “a burger, an orange, a sandwich etc.” This is a very simple technique that puts confidence in the learner and gives him/her the ability to understand the language and gather the courage to speak it.

Instead of running behind orthodox methods,we should work on our basic brain mechanisms and practice to be able to speak English fluently.

Not sure if that is just a technique for beginner or if it also works for higher levels. Sounds very simplistic (but certainly effective for beginners).
Ranjeet78 (18 posts) 

Start from basic sentences, try to use correct grammar words

Mehak (10 posts) 

Interesting and innovative-Thanks for sharing.

Dweep (202 posts) 


Rohnit (10 posts) 

Gramatical mistakes

narayani (12 posts) 

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