Untruths of Italian Learning

Untruths of Italian Learning

“Benvenuti” i.e.: welcome to the page that will encourage you to speak Italian. Like several other things, there are numerous rumors and myths doing the rounds about the Italian language. Today, we will bust these untruths and bring you a true picture of this wonderful language.

Untruth: Italian is very difficult to learn.

Truth: People generally compare Italian to English and believe that the former is more difficult to learn than the latter. Italian shares a lot of the Latin roots which make up a lot of European languages (including English). Conversely, research says that Italian is comparatively easier to learn when one decides to do it fully and puts effort into it.

Untruth: I have nowhere to study.

Truth: The myth or rather the “excuse” to stay away from Italian is “there are no Italian institutes nearby”. The truth is that in today’s world one does not really need a physical institute to learn how to speak Italian. There are numerous options available including live online training sessions that can as effective as real courses.

Untruth: It is of no use for me.

Truth: Surprisingly enough, some people like to believe that they will never have to use Italian. This belief is a big “myth”. Knowing Italian remains a language of culture and will give you opportunities to grow, especially for anyone majoring in Music or Romance linguistics. Additionally, you can also use the language to better understand the country’s customs and traditions. Languages have been proven to break barriers.

Untruth: The time to learn Italian has gone.

Truth: This once again sounds more like an excuse than a myth. It is never too late to learn and be enlightened with something new. You can get enrolled in an Italian language program even if you think you are too old to learn Italian. Learning a new language has been proven to enhance cognitive capabilities.

Untruth: I will not get it right.

Truth: Learning Italian pronunciation is definitely easier said than done, but not entirely impossible. Correcting r’s for instance can be troublesome but with good help and practice this feat can easily be achieved.

Untruth: I do not have the time to invest in learning a language.

Truth: Learning a language definitely needs time, which can be shortened by taking the right measures. Many language institutes and online centers offer quick Italian language courses that are very effective. They are specially designed to suit everyone’s needs keeping the time period and other such factors in mind.

Untruth: Italian is a boring language.

Truth: This is very untrue. Of course, the idea of getting accustomed to a new language is itself very attractive. Moreover we have to recognize Italian words and phrases such as Mi sei mancato molo! (I missed you so much!) and Ciao! (Hi) are not only beautiful on the tongue but can also add a twist to one’s daily conversation. Additionally, one does not even have to use a textbook to learn the language because of the availability of online exercises and other such options.

Nice untruth.

Ammaya (12 posts) 

lol, Good one.

Jazz Kaur (12 posts) 

How long will it take to became fluent in Italian language?

shruti (10 posts) 

Good article.

jessline (12 posts) 

Learning a Italian language make any sense? any scope?

kanika (10 posts) 

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