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Why and How to Speak Hindi-Urdu?

Why and How to Speak Hindi-Urdu?

Hindi-Urdu is a pluricentric language between Standard Hindi and Standard Urdu. It is the fourth most spoken language in the world. Both languages share official grammar standards even though they differ in literary conventions and in technical vocabulary. Urdu retains a stronger Persian, Central Asian and Arabic influences (The written form of Urdu has been derived from the Persian language and is usually written from right to left). In the opposite, Hindi relies more heavily on Sanskrit (the Hindi language is written from left to right, and is based on Devanagari, which is an Indic script). 

Both Hindi and Urdu are commonly spoken in the subcontinent, and in quite a few other parts of the world as well where natives of these areas live in large numbers. Examples are the United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and even America. Hindu and Urdu have evolved from Hindustani, and are largely influenced by Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages. 

If you are interested in learning any of these languages, you can make use of the tips below.

If you want to learn Hindi language, then you should first memorize the alphabets and master their phonetic pronunciation. Unlike English, Urdu and Hindi have around 52 letters in their alphabet. 

If you are a movie fanatic, then the best way to learn Hindi is to watch Bollywood movies. Bollywood popularity goes well beyond the frontiers of India. Watching these movies can help to get a very good grip of the language. Not only will you be able to learn Hindi-Urdu language, you will also benefit from a deep cultural impression of India.

There are many courses which are aimed at teaching Hindi-Urdu. You could enroll in any one of these according to your needs (part time/full time/intensive/holiday packages…). 

There are many free resources on the internet that can help you learn Hindi-Urdu language. You can make use of these, but most of them will only teach you the basics. 

Are there language schools offering Urdu courses ? I have not seen a lot of structured Urdu courses around here.
Rahul87 (44 posts) 

Nice article..


Puneet (10 posts) 

Is there is any scope of Urdu in India?

Prateek (7 posts) 

Any schools who only teach Urdu?

Rooma (10 posts) 

why Urdu is important ? Any comments?

Ryma (10 posts) 

No,Urdu has no scope.

Rajesh (10 posts) 

Its not that.Urdu has scope but not very vast scope.

Nandini (10 posts) 

Check out this link.



Swati (10 posts) 

useful link.

jatin (12 posts) 

Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

Dweep (202 posts) 

Explained well.

Axa (13 posts) 

This linkis awesome explaiend well,


Charu (10 posts) 

Check out this link.



Preeti (10 posts) 

Thanks for the information

Dhruv (15 posts) 

Hindi is the official language of the Republic of India (projected to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation by 2030) and the most widely spoken language in South Asia. It is also the language of a long literary tradition, both in modern prose and poetry, as well as pre-modern secular and devotional poetry. In more recent times Hindi has become a dominant language of modern media, such as cinema in India and much of the content on television.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan (as well as being one of the official languages of India) and the language of a rich literary tradition, both in the form of poetry stretching back to the 17th century and prose from the 19th century. It is also a tremendously important language strategically in South Asia.

In their basic form Hindi and Urdu are generally considered to be the same language written in two different scripts. They share a common vocabulary and grammar, so that with little effort you will learn both forms very easily.

Hindi and India are rapidly growing in importance in our contemporary world with more and more content on the web, and with a growing consumer market in South Asia.

The grammar of Hindi-Urdu is very easy and similar to English grammar. There are virtually no grammatical concepts that do not exist in English, and students have no difficulty in learning the same concepts in Hindi-Urdu.

The first-year program teaches all of the basic grammatical structures that you will need to know in order to use Hindi and Urdu in many varied and interesting contexts. After one year of instruction, you could go to India or Pakistan and talk about yourself, where you were born, where you grew up, what you do, your interests and your attraction to South Asia and South Asian languages. You will also be able to start reading newspapers, short stories and watching television or Bollywood films.

suchi (10 posts) 

Thanks for the information. 

Prachi (12 posts) 

The Hindi–Urdu controversy is an ongoing dispute—dating back to the 19th century—regarding the status of Hindi and Urdu as a single language, Hindustani, or as two dialects of a single language, and the establishment of a single standard language in certain areas of north and northwestern India. Although this debate was officially settled by a government order in 1950, declaring Hindi as the official language, some resistance remains. The present notion among Muslims about this dispute is that Hindus abandoned Urdu language, whereas some Hindus claim that Urdu was artificially created during Muslim rule.

shweta (10 posts) 

The two scripts you learn in Hindi-Urdu courses will enable you to go on and learn other related languages as well.

The Devanagari script of Hindi is employed to write several other languages in South Asia, including Nepali, Marathi, and Sanskrit. It is also very closely related to the scripts employed to write Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Oriya among others.

The Nastaliq script of Urdu is a modified form of the Persian script, which in turn is a modified form of the Arabic script. It is also used to write Kashmiri, Punjabi (in Pakistan), occasionally Persian,  and Pashto, among other languages.

So learning these scripts gives you access to many more languages than simply Hindi and Urdu. The script of Hindi has only 46 characters, while the script of Urdu has even fewer, with 35. This makes learning to read both languages a simple exercise in memorization.

kangana (12 posts) 

Informative information. 

arpita (12 posts) 

Hindi is teh most easiest language it can be learnt any point of time.

Ridhi (10 posts) 



jack (10 posts) 

Thanks for the link, it helps me alot.

Parag (13 posts) 

Speaking hindi urdu is not a simple task. 

Maimi (10 posts) 

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