Easiest way to learn Chinese

Easiest way to learn Chinese

With globalization, free trade and outsourcing,learning different languages have become an important aspect. Learning Chinesecan help you communicate to more people than ever before, learn about theirculture, make friends and create opportunities. Today around one and a halfbillion Chinese and a vast number of foreigners speak impeccable Chinese.Learning Chinese is not an easy task, but anyways it not impossible. If youfocus on certain essential points from the beginning, you can easily becomefluent in the language.

First and the foremost thing to remember is thatChinese, unlike Italian and English is a tonal language which means that the‘tones’ make up the word and also the meaning of the words themselves relies ontheir  tones. However, as we are aware,in English, the tones do not exist. The second most essential point is to learnthe Chinese characters. Most characters are made of components which representsome physical or abstract concept. Therefore, you can to learn what each of thecomponents represents and try building up mental images featuring the componentsfor each character. Then, you can link those metal images to the meanings ofthe characters and the pronunciation. Interestingly, as you learn more characters, you will soon notice recurringthemes and patterns. Consequently, you will be able to guess the meaning of newcharacters. . Build up your capacity to listen to full sentences.

Chinese is one such language which cannot be heard andunderstood in parts. Therefore it is very essential to build up patience tolisten carefully to full sentences. Rather than going through lessons given in Languagetextbooks, download some interactive quizzes of Chinese learning exercises. Itcan be real fun.  It gives you scores andgrade and in a way you can evaluate yourself on a daily basis. As far as thevocabulary is concerned, ‘practice’ is the key. The more you practice writingand speaking, the better vocabulary you have. Have frequent conversations withpeople who are well versed with the language. You can actually learn a lot frominteracting which you might not get from your regular studies. Chat with themonline or have face to face conversations.

Spend some time listening to good Chinese soundtracksand catch up the words and sentence formation. Also, download movies withChinese subtitles and just concentrate how the flow of the language goes.  It also very important to clarify your doubtsand feel free to openly practice the language. Don’t let your mistakes turninto blunders. Correct them to achieve perfection.

I think the best thing to learn Chinese is to live there for several month. Otherwise you just progress very slowly.
Latik (12 posts) 

It totally depends on the person. I think it will be a bit more difficult for you and it might take you longer since you're studying by yourself. I don't suggest this. It's better to take a class or find someone who speaks Chinese so you can get the pronunciation correct, which is key.

Neha (10 posts) 

Everything is depends upon you, how fast you will memorize things.

Micky (10 posts) 

Try some learn from online tutorial, start reading easy books and make easy phrases.

Malisha (15 posts) 

Try to speak as much as you can.

Eddie (10 posts) 

Start talking to people in Chinese, you will get more fluent.

Neeru (12 posts) 

NIce article.

Nancy (10 posts) 

Read some articles.

Ammaya (12 posts) 

Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

Dweep (202 posts) 

Check out thi slink.



NIdhi (10 posts) 


kripa (10 posts) 

Check this link out.



Jazz Kaur (12 posts) 

Informative information.

Pariniti (15 posts) 

Check this link out.



shruti (10 posts) 

Useful information.

Ravina (13 posts) 

Make Chinese friends , try to grab what they are speaking.

karishma (8 posts) 

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Easiest way to learn Chinese
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