Learning Punjabi - The Basics

Learning Punjabi - The Basics

Punjabi is the language spoken in the state of Punjab in India and Pakistan. It is the official language of Punjab but is also spoken in the neighboring states of Punjab which are Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in India.Punjabi is a language written in Gurumukhi script.  

Punjabi language contains three types of writing systems and they are Gurumukhi used inPunjab which is in India, Shahmukhi which is used in Punjab which is in Pakistan and Devanagari which is being used by Hindi-Speaking Punjabis in India. There are few basics associated with learning Punjabi and these are:

·        Obtain reading material such as Dictionary and other written material related to Punjabi language.

·         -Start reading Punjabi literature basics.

·         -Start listening Punjabi music and news.

·         -Try to learn from Punjabi culture and community.

Punjabi alphabets are known as Punjabi varnmala and are very simple to learn. There are 35 alphabets in Punjabi varnmala. There are 10 different vowels in Punjabi language. There are few linguistic terms in Punjabi language and these are word classes which are basically different parts of speech, various grammatical categories, inflections and Cases.

There are many word classes in Punjabi language such as noun, pronoun, Adjectives,Cardinal, Ordinal, Main verb, Auxiliary verb, Adverb, post position,Conjunction, interjection, particle and verb-part. Punjabi language nouns can be either singular or plural. There are two types of cases in Punjabi language direct and oblique. In Punjabi language we have total six pronouns and these are:

·         Personal pronouns.

·        Reflexive pronouns.

·        Indefinite pronouns.

·        Demonstrative pronouns.

·        Interrogative pronouns.

·        Relative pronouns.

Punjabi language has two types of adjectives. Learning Punjabi language is quite interesting and fun. Different courses are available online and easy to access which makes learning Punjabi language quite easy process.

Another great way to start learning Punjabi language is to learn about the Punjabi community and culture as they both prove to be ample resource of Punjabi language. Learning Punjabi language is very good as it is a very lively language.





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