5 Tips to Make Learning Japanese Easier

5 Tips to Make Learning Japanese Easier

How many of us have thought about learning Japanese? Today, learning Japaneseis not just a mundane affair. The language is not a direct communication; in fact itis based on hints and is rich in context. Japanese language has three systemswhich are known as hiragana, katakana and kanji. Japanese language is subjectverb object language whereas English is subject object verb language.

So, why should you learn it?

There are many reasonswhich make people learn Japanese. Whether it be learning about Japanese culture,history, literature or the want to develop the ability to talk in this beautifulversatile language, the reasons vary a lot. Japanese language includes five vowel sounds and there isno reference of articles.

 There are many tips which are available tolearn Japanese language but most popular and easy tips are as following:

·         1. Tryto learn from good quality learning material: Always buy a solid dictionary which contains kanji and hiragana with itsEnglish definition.

·         2. Lookfor a textbook which is not outdated: Try to learn from a textbook which islatest.

·         3. Tryto practice Japanese singing with lyrics as it will teach you reading speed andhow Japanese people sound when they speak Japanese language.

·         4. Tryto include a partner who speaks Japanese as it will help you to practice.

·         5. Tryto learn the sound effects and tongue twisters as it will help you to modulatethe voice requirement as per Japanese language.

Apart from theabove mentioned tips you can also search for Japanese language material oninternet as there is wide variety of online courses and tutorials availablewhich makes learning Japanese language quite easier and interesting

You can alsosharp your Japanese learning skills by visiting many Japanese forums and bydiscussing it with other people who are also learning this language. You canalso pick some phrases from normal day to day life of Japanese culture and lookfor their meanings from dictionaries which will help you to learn faster andeasy. There are various audio-visual kits available these days and you can usethese kits to learn the Japanese language. Participating in variousconversations real time is also of great help while learning this language.



Oh great! thanks for this post. 

Micky (10 posts) 

Try to search online tutorials, try to speak as much as yo can, will increase your self confidence.

saksham (15 posts) 


Binni (10 posts) 

Usually I like to write these posts myself, as I did for Chinese and Hungarian, but I’ve been so busy with my Fluent in 3 months book launch that I only had the time for two intensive months in my own Japanese project, so I made sure John came back to the blog a second time (he previously wrote How to Learn 2,000 Kanji in 3 Months: Mission Possible) to share these incredibly helpful words to those of you who are hesitant to take on Japanese.


Ammo (12 posts) 

Thanks for the information

Dhruv (15 posts) 

Any scope of japenese language in India?

rakhi (11 posts) 

Don’t study the written basics without some supervision.'

Don’t skip what’s hard.

Invest in some quality learning 

Watch plenty of cartoons, movies, dramas and listen/sing to plenty of music but do not do only this!

bella (15 posts) 

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