Use shadowing techniques to learn English

Use shadowing techniques to learn English

Are you not a native English speaker and have you ever asked yourself, ‘How can I learn English’? Well, if the answer is yes then now there is an easy way to learn English and to also learn English grammar step by step. This technique used in learning English language is called the shadowing technique and it is often used as the first step to learning English.

In the shadowing technique, the learner is presented with English exercises that involve listening. The first step of the shadowing technique is to listen to the language and to simultaneously repeat what is heard. The two actions help in learning English language by teaching the phonetic aspect of the language first. It is also suggested that, learners observe three rules:

1.       The exercise needs to be undertaken outdoors.

2.       One must stand erect and also keep walking while performing the exercise.

3.       The learner must make sure that he is loud and is speaking in a clear manner.

The first step of the shadowing technique is to allow the student to learn English through audio. This oft repeated exercise will make one adept at understanding the sound of the words and thereby improve the understanding of the language. It is also referred to as ‘blind shadowing’ where the meaning of the words spoken out loud is considered secondary to the task at hand. It is clear articulation of what is heard, that takes primary importance.

The second step of this technique is primarily combined of English exercises where along with the recording of the text, the student is also provided with the transcription of the audio text. This allows the student to better understand what he is saying out loud. It is this dual exercise that helps the student in learning English language.

The shadowing technique is employed in teaching English as a foreign language to students because it has the attributes to improve English teaching. It uses both audio and text to deliver to the student, a sound understanding of English. Shadowing also helps one to learn English grammar step by step as the student continuously hears correctly spoken language. In this way, he picks up the key grammar skills and imbibes them.

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